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Application Management

ERP Applications have proven to be vital tools for enterprises to plan, control and manage operations efficiently. As a consequence they continue to consume much of the IT budget in most enterprises. However, to derive sustainable value from ERP systems, it is imperative that enterprises adopt cost effective methods for application management and maintenance. Typically, many enterprises follow on an ERP implementation by setting up a dedicated team to oversee support & maintenance activities. However, this model is fraught with challenges such as :

    •  » Management overheads in building & sustaining an experienced ERP consulting team
    •  » Shift of focus from delivering long term value to running the ERP application
    •  » Issue resolution and application up-time to ensure business processes are not stalled
    •  » Change management processes to minimize risks
    •  » Smooth & comprehensive adoption of the ERP application by business end-users
    •  » Flexibility in managing the dynamic nature of business requirement

In comparison to setting up a dedicated team, providing application management and maintenance in a Shared Services model is widely accepted as a successful model for its proven results in generating cost savings, improving productivity and quality of customer service delivered

Application Management & Maintenance Service Offering

At Arbizz, our Application Management & Maintenance Services offering considers the customers' overall business strategy, technology roadmap and business processes. To construct a suitable delivery model, we leverage our long standing partnership and understanding of SAP and Oracle applications to provide value to customers.

Value Proposition

Our extensive experience in providing application management and maintenance services has helped IT departments spend less on maintaining enterprise applications thus improving their contribution to the bottom-line. Some of the benefits of engaging with Arbizz are as follows :

  •  » Reduction in overall support costs by 20-50% with long term shared services model
  •  » Consistent and comprehensive adoption of ERP products facilitated through innovative and customized pricing models
  •  » Effective change management mechanisms that includes end-to-end application development, maintenance and support services in line with business requirements
  •  » Strong service delivery system that comprises a large team of technical & functional SME’s and custom built knowledge management practices
  •  » A robust governance model which ensures that the operational & strategic objectives of the service is aligned and achieved