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Designation: Sr.Interior Designer


Experience: 8-12 Years


LocationIndranagar, Domlur - Bangalore.


  1. Understanding client Requirements

    •   Confer with client to determine factors affecting planning interior environments,

      such as budget, architectural preferences, and purpose and function.

    •   Advise client on interior design factors such as space planning, layout and

      utilization of furnishings or equipment, and color coordination.

  2. Conceptualize the design
     Conceptualize and develop designs which meet client’s requirements /

    standards / norms.

  3. Obtaining approval for the drawings

    •   Ensurethatthedrawingsareuptothequalitystandardofthecompanyandmeet

      client requirements and sign and seal the same.

    •   Ensure that the drawings are approved by the clients.

  4. Site supervision
     Responsible for smooth progress of work at site in all respects.

  5. Make regular project related follow-ups

    •   Make regular follow-ups with vendors, consultants and clients to ensure timely

      delivery of materials and collection of information.

    •   Keep the track of the stages in design drawings

    •   Checking and ensuring that the drawings / design are executable.

6. Documentation

Job Description – Senior Interior Designer

 Responsible for arranging site documentation and design documentation for future reference as per standards. Preparing formats for the same and responsible for accuracy of all the data put in them.

7. Pricing & Product knowledge

  •   Must have and update thorough knowledge of various building norms, material

    specifications, market costing & basic knowledge of Services (Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC works) and overseeing all relevant data on the same coming from sub-contractors.

  •   Estimate material requirements and costs, and present design to client for approval.

  •   Subcontract fabrication, installation, and arrangement of carpeting, fixtures, accessories, draperies, paint and wall coverings, art work, furniture, and related items.

  •   Formulate environmental plan to be practical, esthetic, and conducive to intended purposes, such as raising productivity or selling merchandise.

    8. Detailing
     Responsiblefortheoverallqualityanddetailingofallbuildingitemsconstructed

    to attain the desire architectural perspectives including site and landscaping works

    9. Coordination

  •   Responsible for interaction with service consultants and architecture team for

    designing and execution of project.

  •   Share their ideas with the designing team to facilitate the execution of project.

  •   Responsible for joint coordination with civil engineers, interior designers and 3D

    designers to streamline the project.

    10. Communication

  •   Interact regularly with who all involved in project

  •   Keep the Project coordinator abreast with the project developments and send

    daily / weekly reports to him 

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