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Product Engineering Services

Creative Solutions for Software Product Engineering and Professional Services

Rapid development and adoption of SaaS, Cloud Computing and Mobility is influencing how software products are being built today. Companies developing new products or considering moving to new platforms have to ensure that their product strategy starts with SaaS and Mobility. All companies, today, realize the benefits from SaaS such as no upfront investment or ongoing maintenance of IT infrastructure, faster time to market, attractive business model options and an increased ability to focus on business and customer problems. This makes a SaaS model the primary mode of software access for all commodity software. As for Mobility, developing for mobile devices is now de rigueur what with employees, customers and consumers all engaging with business and other applications through mobile devices. Although there are multiple choices (PaaS, IaaS, own data center) available to develop or host products, it is still an evolving technology and the right choice needs to be made at the outset to ensure that flexibility is built into both product and business strategies.

Products available on mobile devices need to keep pace with the even more dynamic revolution in technology and gadgets. Despite these new challenges a vast majority of software products in the market continue to be deployed in the traditional on-premise model. Product companies need to continue addressing the engineering and maintenance of these products as they have been doing so until now, albeit cognizant of the fact that these products will need to interface with SaaS products, perhaps even have certain functionalities delivered in a SaaS model. We are therefore today at a point in time where there is a co-existence of the traditional product life cycle paradigm and an emerging paradigm that continues to evolve.