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Testing Services

Arbizz Testing Services

How does one assure the availability and quality of IT applications given the challenges involved in coping with changing customer expectations, variations in the size and complexity of IT systems stemming from integration of multiple business applications and multi-tiered architectures and the needs of accelerating time to market? Furthermore, how does one integrate testing across the organization especially in enterprises that have a large IT application landscape and that often face the challenge of testing occurring in silos?

Independent Software vendors (ISVs) face additional challenges such as:

  » Testing of daily / continuous builds
  » Testing for multiple operating environments, product configurations, and releases 
  » Integration of the product with other products 
  » Support for a widespread and international user base
  » Validation of product upgrades

In order to address these challenges, Arbizz offers specialized testing services. Our customers have experienced 30 to 40 percent improvement in efficiency, in addition to faster testing cycles, better visibility and control on quality.