Permanent Recruitment

We offer a customized strategic staffing solution that identifies the right candidates for our client’s needs and connects them to such sorted candidates. We take the time to understand a company’s needs to ensure that the service received is the most up-to-date and effective in finding the best talent for their organization.

Our specialized teams of consultants and researchers focus on building candidate pools and establishing a long-term relationship. Using innovative, tailored search methods and off-grid insights, we source and secure the market’s best available talent. Matching like-minded personalities in the pursuit of business success is what inspires us. We work tirelessly to find people that can represent your business, embrace your philosophy and fit seamlessly into your team. Once we truly understand your need, we determine the optimal search strategy that will efficiently serve you.

Through our HR and Technical interviews, we assess the candidates’ experience, skills and potential, in order to develop our initial shortlist.

Our permanent solutions include:

  • Access to candidate pools from which we quickly produce shortlists of highly relevant, pre-screened candidates, many of whom are connected exclusively with us
  • High-quality within required timescales and the ability to rapidly ramp up numbers via our global database
  • The bespoke and transparent pricing structure
  • Experienced delivery teams and dedicated SPOC to provide direct undisrupted 2 way communication
  • Working in partnership to identify the employer’s Validation points to capture the right candidates